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Owning property demands foresight. With T&D's planned maintenance programme, minor issues are addressed before they escalate. Yet, unexpected challenges can arise. That's where our expert tradesmen, supported by a dedicated help desk, step in swiftly. By blending proactive and reactive approaches, T&D ensures your building's optimal care, letting you focus on your business.



of Mind

When it comes to thinking ahead as a building owner, there’s no better strategy than developing a Planned Maintenance Program. By identifying and solving potential issues earlier, no matter how minor, you’ll prevent them from becoming bigger problems further down the line. This vastly reduces the risk of costly repairs and potential safety concerns.

However, regardless of how prepared you may be, unexpected challenges can arise at any time. At T&D, we’re certainly no strangers to dealing with emergency situations that occur at the drop of a hat. That’s why we keep our diverse range of highly-skilled tradesmen on hand who, with the active support of our help desk service team, are able to respond swiftly to every emergency. This ensures that even the most critical of situations are resolved with minimal impact to your operation.

The combination of both the planned maintenance and reactive maintenance protocols means that your building is truly in the best possible care. Your tailor-made Planned Maintenance Program, along with access to our premium on-call emergency care service, will give you the peace of mind needed to keep pushing your business forward.

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