With a rich legacy in traditional roofing solutions, T&D is adept at catering to both new builds and renovations. Our skilled teams are primed to address a spectrum of needs, from roofing and chimney tasks to leadwork, waterproofing, and ventilation. Recognising the value of prevention, we advocate regular roof and guttering maintenance. Our comprehensive service includes thorough inspections for potential damage and proactive clearing of foliage and debris, ensuring minor issues don't escalate into significant challenges. At T&D, we shield and sustain your roofing legacy.




T&D has a long and successful history of providing traditional roofing solutions. This involves both new builds and renovation work, with our expert teams ready to provide solutions to any roofing, chimney, leadwork, waterproofing, or ventilation needs you may have.

The best way to avoid large-scale repairs is to address minor problems through regular maintenance of your roof and guttering. Our full maintenance service involves checking the entirety of your roof for any signs of damage, as well as clearing out any foliage and debris before it can build up and become a bigger problem later on.

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